Asphalt Laying Bolton

We have been providing flooring and driveways in mastic asphalt for many years and pride ourselves in offering the customer advice, choice and a professional service.

Asphalting is one of the recognised specialist trades in the building industry and the type of asphalt primarily applied to buildings is known as mastic asphalt. Unlike other types of asphalt, mastic asphalt is void-less and is laid without being compacted, normally by means of a hand float.

It is used to waterproof roofs, basements, front entrance steps, rooftop car-parks, driveways, domestic and industrial floors and even ornamental fish ponds.

It is extremely hard wearing, durable and has been known to last in excess of fifty years.

When it comes to commercial/domestic surfacing, Star Asphalt Ltd have extensive experience in providing high quality professional asphalt laying services. Our highly skilled team have worked on a wide range of projects including private driveways and domestic surfacing to asphalt surfaces for commercial properties. Whether you are looking for commercial surfacing or domestic surfacing, Star Asphalt Ltd can provide solutions to your asphalt laying needs.

Mastic asphalt has a long and successful history covering a wide range of uses as a waterproofing medium for roofs, basements and foundations, and as a surfacing material for floors and paving.

The product comprises suitably graded aggregates bound together with an asphaltic cement (primarily refined bitumens) to produce a dense voidless material.  It cannot be compacted and is spread rather than rolled.

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